NextShark Speaks With PMBC Group’s Client Momentage’s Co-Creators

NextShark Speaks With PMBC Group’s Client Momentage’s Co-Creators.


Lucy Hale Joins PMBC Group’s Client Hang w/

Lucy Hale Joins PMBC Group’s Client Hang w/.

Reimagine’s Jen Pastiloff Inspires PMBC Group with Karaoke Yoga

Reimagine’s Jen Pastiloff Inspires PMBC Group with Karaoke Yoga.

Tools in Back Pain Battle

I have finally accepted that my daily battle with chronic back pain will always be that — a daily battle.  But, now I understand that there will be no silver bullet that solves my back issues, but I can best alleviate it by applying not one but all the tools I have to prevent it from flaring up or getting worse or treating it when it is acute.

One tool I have used is TENS Units and Muscle Stimtensulators that aid in pain relief and rehabilitation.  My physical therapist and chiropractor have both used units similar to those I can get for home use, such as the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator which is a combination unit that enables you to benefit from the TENS pain relief and the muscle stimulator for increased muscle tone and muscle pain rehabilitation.

While some people would be hesitant to use the devices at home — especially if you remember that old movie with John Ritter — most famous for the glow-in-the-dark condom scene — where his ex girlfriend was a physical therapist who got revenge on him for cheating by turning up the amp on an electrical shock therapy wrap–  they are used safely by thousands of patients worldwide and can be purchased if you go to Visit LGMedSupply Online. If you have any questions, you can get additional information at online customer blog.

Post Pregnancy Exercises for Strengthening and Stretching the Back


While celebs sport their post-baby bodies in bikinis a few weeks after birth, most moms take many months, if not years, to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.  Carrying 25 extra pounds, or more, takes a toll on a woman’s body, especially her back.  Many post-partum fitness programs emphasize toning the belly, but often the area that needs the most attention is the back.

The shift of body weight during pregnancy can overwork and strain one set of back muscles while causing other back muscles to become weak.  Hormones during pregnancy that aid in making the pelvic bones more flexible for childbirth can also make the binding tissues surrounding the spine overly flexible, causing back pain.  After having a baby, many women experience chronic back pain that they did not have before the pregnancy.

The following exercises are designed to help a new mother to regain strength, flexibility and range of motion of the back muscles, as soon as a woman is cleared by her doctor to exercise.  Note: every woman’s body is different, so before beginning any fitness regimen, please consult a doctor.

These simple exercises and stretches can be done at home using wooden chiropractic devices by Sae Arc, available at or in chiropractors’ offices.

Massage pressure points and improve circulation in the upper back stretches using the Sae Arc 4-in-1 Adjustable Wooden Pillow, a stack of three smooth and rounded wooden pieces, with the top piece shaped like a half moon.  While lying down, place your upper back on the wooden pillow with the arms stretched above the head for about 10 seconds to release tension.  Cross the arms over the shoulders and rock side to side to massage the upper back.

To massage lower back muscles, sit on the floor with both legs outstretched, and place the wooden pillow under the buttocks and gently lay back until lying flat on the floor.  Breathe deeply for approximately 10 seconds to stretch the back.  Then bend the legs and rock side to side, massaging the lower back for one to two minutes.  Lift the hips to remove the bottom level of the pillow and repeat the process until the device is completely removed from the lower back.

To align and stretch the entire spin, use the Sae Arch 2-in-1 Back & Lumbar Stretcher, a curved and padded wooden plank.  Place the stretcher under the mid to lower back and raise arms over the head, resting them on the floor.  Breathe through the nose and relax while holding the position for one to two minutes.

To exercise, stretch and straighten posture, use the Sae Arc Back Flex & Posture Device, a bow-shaped strip of wood.  While standing, place the Back Flex and Posture Device behind the lower back with the curvature of the arc facing outward, away from the body.  Place the forearms on the outer sides of the device so that the shoulders are pulled back.  Keep the chin slightly lifted at an approximate 15 degree angle and relax the shoulders.  Lift the knees and march in place, keeping the back straight and raising the knees one at a time.

To help realign the body and increase circulation, lie on the back and pull the knees in toward the chest.  Place the flex and posture device against the back of the knees with the arc facing outward.  Hold the device in this position and rock back and forth.

For best results, stretch twice each day, in the morning before breakfast, and in the evening before bedtime.

Celebs Take Home More Than Awards During Hollywood Award Season

Drool Worthy SWAG and Pampering Lead Up to the Big Night for Celebrities

Award season is upon Hollywood, and that means lots of glamour, glitter and gifting.  The latter is the way smart brands are reaching celebrities and other tastemakers by providing samples of their wares at gifting suites and in gift bags surrounding the ceremonies.

Free Stuff We All Get, or SWAG as it’s known, is a hot commodity, usually presented to VIPS at designated gifting lounges or at after parties.  With fierce competition, many savvy marketers have found unique ways to get their goods in the hands of Hollywood influencers.


A guest awaits her makeover at Prive salon in a pre-Golden Globes event sponsored in part by Colgate to help get their products in the hands of Hollywood influencers

Fashion personality Jayneoni Moore found her niche in the scene by hosting the Boom Boom Room for celebrities who are expectant parents or who have young children.  The event at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel featured brands such as BambiniWare designer Burba wear, SpeCtra blinged-out breast pumps, Au Lait fashionable nursing-friendly clothing line, Fourth Love maternity comfort clothes, Wee Drool designer bibs, Daddy & Company apparel for expectant fathers,  Lov’d Baby children’s organic clothing, and the services of Educated Nannies, a vetted provider of discreet and degreed household help good enough for A-listers.

While big brands come out to showcase their products, enterprising independent vendors like Lil’ Hands, a purveyor of baby sign language services, SleepBelt baby holder, Blink’d mini kiddie tattoos, Fancy Pantz Designs jewelry maker and Monkie Birdie décor designer attend the suites hoping for their big break.  In today’s celebrity obsessed culture, these startups know that celebrity buzz about their products and services or a photo of a celeb sporting their designs or placement in a celeb’s nursery can make their career.

Other treats at the Boom Boom Room gifting suite were of the edible kind.  Along with samples of Nine Natural pregnancy-friendly shampoo and conditioner and Blissful Booby Butter in their goodie bags, guests took home baked delights from Nothing Bundt Cakes and pouches of applesauce inspired snacks from GoGoSqueez and Lifeway Kefir probiotic dairy beverage coupons and a recipe book, all taken away in the Sureshop reusable tote, designed to clip onto strollers so they won’t tip.

Besides the traditional gifting lounges, brands appeal to celebrities by pampering them with salon and spa treatments, such as at doMAIN’s Golden Globes Beauty Bar, hosted at Prive salon in Los Angeles.  The salon was made over for the event to resemble a swanky lounge in which VIPS were treated to hair styling and blowouts along with manicures and pedicures, while they sipped wine and noshed on fresh berries and Kefir cups.  As they departed, guests received gift bags with OPI nail polish, StyleSexyHair products and a full supply of Colgate Optic White products.

A wall in Prive salon in LA displays a wall of Colgate products for an event where Hollywood inlueencers got complimentary makovers before the Golden Globes

A wall in Prive salon in LA displays a wall of Colgate products for an event where Hollywood influencers got complimentary makeovers before the Golden Globes

The reality is that much of the time SWAG products do not reach the celebrities themselves and end up in the hands of assistants, publicists and others close to the celebs.  Still, the association with the awards and the stars gives the brands bragging rights, and often that’s all they need.  After all, who wouldn’t want to use the same hair gel or mouthwash that the A-listers got in their Golden Globes SWAG bags?